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Cancer Surgery Simulator


Cancer Surgery Simulator is a real surgery simulator game for mouth cancer, brain tumor, skin and kidney cancer treatments. There are lots of injured patients waiting for you at your crazy hospital. Diagnose their mouth, brain kidneys & skin problems. Save your patient’s life with crazy surgeries. Operate now! Carry out Mouth surgery, brain surgery, skin surgery and kidney surgery. These awesome doctor games with real doctor tools and crazy surgeon treatments are so much fun to play. With crazy game play, Cancer Surgery Simulator has real cancer treatments and ultimate operations. Ambulance has reached the hospital in time otherwise patient would have gone in a frozen state. Ambulance doctor might have given an emergency treatment to the patients. Make proper incision, put stitches on ruptured skin and stop bleeding after you have done the surgery simulation. Plastic surgeon would take care of the scars. After you have fixed the patient’s kidney, mouth, skin or brain; stitch the incision to stop the bleeding and apply bandage. Call the liver & heart surgeon if you get it damaged by mistake. With the use of realistic surgical equipments you will operate in surgery room.Mouth Cancer Surgery SimulatorTake care of your patient and help him cure his mouth pain by performing a successful surgery. Remove all bacteria and clean out his mouth with the cancer causing cells. Make sure the treatment does not harm the patient’s face. It has realistic surgeries, medicines and general surgery simulator. Mouth & face problems are different from brain and head injuries and much more sensitive than the ones you see in nail doctor kids games or a hair doctor game. Your little boy or your princess would love to play surgeon with all the medical products, x-ray machines, injection, pill and complete surgery environment.Kidney Cancer Surgery SimulatorBe the super star kidney surgeon; Treat them with all the medical tools and medicines at the doctor’s office. Your crazy treatments need Stethoscope, ECG machine, thermometer, blood pressure apparatus, antiseptic creams, injection, scalpel and medicine for treating the swelling, wounds, cuts and injuries. Don’t forget to clean away the blood and bacteria to avoid infection for the little baby kids. You are going to play the role of a kidney doctor, help your patients gain good health and recover from cancer.Brain Tumor Surgery SimulatorHere comes the crazy ambulance with a patient suffering from brain tumor. Call the brain surgeon doctor and carry out brain test as soon as possible so that you can start with the Brain surgery simulation. With such pain, you can’t call it an easy ride for the patients from home to the hospital. This patient has a history of broken hand surgery & foot surgery from crazy surgeon. A skin doctor has been treating his face pimples with plastic surgery simulator. He has been through a heart surgery simulator and has a pacemaker working in his body. Be careful about respiratory treatments, germs and dirt. You need to be very careful to deal with brain surgery patient history & Act like a smart surgeon doctor while treating this tumor.Skin Cancer Surgery SimulatorThe ambulance is here. Here comes a new patient to get his cancer skin surgery simulation done from skin surgeon. The Ambulance doctor has noted down the symptoms and diseases that he already has, on his way to the hospital. This patient is suffering from a skin cancer that can affect his arms, finger, leg and organ movements. Keep checking his brain, eye, ear, nose, tongue, kidney, liver, lungs, stomach and all parts of the body function. Prevent him into getting to a frozen state. To avoid any other damage, prepare for the surgery simulation now. You are going to be the skin doctor surgeon to perform the surgery. Call the Brain doctor, kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all other surgeons on duty to keep a check on the patient’s organs while you carry out the Skin Cancer surgery simulation.